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Carpets - made in Austria

The carpets are manufactured in the highest quality exclusively to your specifications in Austria. Order your individual carpet at fair prices and buy quality directly from the producer. Quality is based on the best raw materials, gentle processing and decades of experience. Carpets make your home more cozy, pleasant and friendly.

We manufacture your carpet according to your individual request. Special shapes and individual colour combinations are possible, just contact us!

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The right Carpet for your Home

The carpet is one of the most important elements when it comes to the design of a room. When making your selection, give yourself enough time to find a suitable carpet that harmonizes with your home and is in harmony.

A well-chosen carpet brings a homely and cozy atmosphere to your room and helps to emphasize the style of your interior design. The following applies: If you have a very conspicuous interior, the carpet should be a little restrained. If your interior is simple, a striking carpet looks great! We offer you a large selection of different carpet models, surely there is also a suitable one for you.

We have all the usual standard sizes, but if you have a special request and need a made-to-measure carpet, then you can continue browsing through our offer because each of our carpets can be customized in at least 2m width and in any length. We also have many carpets up to 4m wide on offer.


Best Quality from Austria

All our carpets are manufactured in Austria with the greatest care and the highest quality materials. The quality of our products is based on the best raw materials, gentle processing, and decades of experience.

Most of our manufacturers still use the traditional form of hand weaving, our wooden carpets are also processed by hand. That is why all carpets are available in your desired size.



Our Range of Products:

Patchwork Rugs:

Like all our rugs, the classic patchwork rug is made from raw materials of the highest quality in Austria. All carpets are made from 100% cotton and are hand-woven in the Mühlviertel.

The special thing about patchwork rugs is that they have a particularly stable selvage and are very easy to wash (preferably at 30 degrees) without stressing the fabric.


Sisal rugs:

If you want to equip your living space with a hard-wearing and durable carpet, then the sisal carpet is perfect for you.

Another advantage of a sisal carpet is that it is anti-static and is also suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.

Sisal mix:

Our range is rounded off by a sisal carpet combined with new wool or sheep's wool. This has a very elegant look and is very comfortable to walk on barefoot due to the sheep's wool.

Coconut carpets: 

Our coconut carpets are a real specialty. The coconut fiber is a hollow fiber and can therefore absorb up to 70% moisture without appearing wet. Another advantage is that this carpet is ungummed and can therefore be used on both sides.

The coconut carpet is a real dream when it comes to cleaning and care. If the carpet is dirty, you only need to vacuum it or even wash it yourself.

Paper carpets:

As the name suggests, this type of carpet is made of paper. During production, an extremely stable, tear-resistant, and hard-wearing material is used. It should be noted, however, that the paper carpet is sensitive to moisture, so it is not suitable for outdoor use.

Sheep wool carpets:

For our sheep's wool carpets, high-quality pure wool is selected with great care, they are traditionally made to measure by hand on handlooms in Austria.

If you need a single-colored carpet, then you have a large selection of sheep's wool carpets with us. Like the coconut carpet, this one can also be used on both sides.

Designer carpets:

With us, every designer carpet is unique! With each of our designs, you have 120 different colors to choose from, which you can choose according to your taste. As a result, the carpet can be adapted to your individual wishes and is unique.

Carpets with logo:

We have an extensive range of high-quality dirt mats, including outdoor carpets and carpets for indoor use. All carpets can be printed with your logo. If required, we manufacture to measure.

Office carpets:

Our office carpets are suitable for heavy use and are Ökotex 100 certified.

The back is made of latex to prevent the carpet from slipping back and forth. They are all antistatic and also suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.

Wooden carpets:

Our wooden carpets are a product of local craftsmanship. This type of carpet is particularly suitable for your bathroom or kitchen area, as it serves as a floor covering for tiles.

Stair mats:

When you need an upgrade for your stairs, our durable and hard-wearing stair treads are just what you need. Our stair mats are semicircular and have a size of 26x65cm.


In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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