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Sheep Wool Carpets - the enduring classic

Gentle to the skin, moisture regulating, heat insulating – so sheep wool carpet find a perfect place in the living room, in the bedroom and anywhere where coziness and well-being are paramount. All products are made in Austria in old craftsmanship. We are happy to send free quality samples.

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5 reasons to choose a hand-woven sheep wool carpet!



In its weaving, Jordan only uses high-quality pure wool, which is selected with great care and experience. The sheep wool carpets have a high natural self-cleaning effect and a dirt-repellent effect. The particularly dense warp weave and the firm weave guarantee that all Jordan carpets are extremely durable without fluff and fluff. The high-quality, pure wool is particularly crease-resistant, dirt-repellent and flame-retardant. They are also easy to care for and self-cleaning.



Ecological and fair conditions for people and nature are very important to us. That's why Jordan manufactures the yarns for our carpets himself, in the spinning mill in Breitenbach. All carpets, from the raw wool to the finished carpet, are produced exclusively in the weaving mill in Kundl/Tyrol.



The soft, open surface of the wool fibers binds fine dust and thus makes a major contribution to air purification. New wool carpets ensure harmony and a good room atmosphere. A high-quality wool carpet makes a significant contribution to keeping the air in the room clean. The cleaning effect of the wool remains active for decades. The carpets also absorb sound and have no electrostatic charge. They are gentle on the skin and have good thermal insulation.



Carpets have long been more than just a floor covering. They have become a lifestyle object and give every room that certain feel-good atmosphere. Because modern, linear architecture, in particular, requires the use of textiles that provide comfort and warmth. Carpets lend a cozy, warm atmosphere and a personal touch to the area around you.



Wool carpet weaving is an old Tyrolean craft and the Jordan weaving mill is one of the last hand weaving mills in Austria. The family business has been spinning wool into yarn since 1948. Today, Jordan is Tyrol's largest producer of natural carpets. A good working atmosphere and the craftsmanship of the employees are particularly important. With a lot of experience and material knowledge, a product with the highest feel-good quality can be created.



You will enjoy your sheep wool carpet for a long time if...


... you use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. (Please no-knock vacuum).
... it is turned around its own axis about 3-4 times a year.
... Overhanging wool fibers at the bottom of the carpet are carefully cut off with scissors.
... A dip in the snow in winter works wonders, don't forget to pat yourself dry.
... dirt stains are washed out with curd soap or lye from a wool detergent, repeat if necessary.
... have it cleaned if it is heavily soiled.
... you keep the enclosed care instructions and take a look at them from time to time.


In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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