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Tablecloths to measure

All tablecloths are manufactured exclusively in Austria and are subject to strict quality controls.

The tablecloths are also very durable and are ideally suited for long-term use (including gastronomy). Ease of care and boil-proof (of the cotton tablecloths) are also among the advantages of our tablecloths.

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All tablecloths are manufactured exclusively in Austria and are subject to strict quality controls. The tablecloths are very durable and are ideally suited for long-term use (including gastronomy). The tablecloths do not lose their color brilliance even after repeated washing, because the yarns are already dyed through. The tablecloths are easy to care for and all cotton tablecloths are boil-proof.

You can request a free sample for each of the tablecloths to get an idea of the color and design.


A tablecloth enlivens your home

The laid table is an expression of taste and culture. It can be practical and elegant, it can aesthetically enrich everyday life or be richly decorated to highlight a festive day.

Table culture is evidence to individuality and personality. The fine tablecloth brings out the best in porcelain, crystal, and silver cutlery perfectly. The cheerful tablecloth, which is color-coordinated with the service, turns the meal together into a small party.


Tablecloths with quality

The classic tablecloth is suitable for the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Color harmonizing with its surroundings, it creates a stylish ambience. Folk patterns, such as pine, carousel, ranach, Silvretta, and spring checkered, give the kitchen and living room a rustic coziness. The tablecloth can be made to measure. Round and oval formats are also possible.

Large blankets look great in combination with table runners or small round blankets and matching serviettes. Made from 100% cotton and in a high-quality design, the table decoration is robust, durable, and easy to care for. The exquisite workmanship ensures that colors remain fresh even after repeated washing.

If you like it more elegant, choose your made-to-measure tablecloth in the right color and size as a dot damask with hem or lace, effect fabric, or satin.


A feast for the senses: Jacquard table linen

A tablecloth made of jacquard fabric looks particularly noble and fine. Since the end of the 18th century, the noble blend of cotton linen has adorned the tables of aristocracy and wealthy bourgeoisie.

The French weaver Josef Marie Jacquard invented this technique of weaving patterns directly into fabric, creating a fabric that has enchanted people for centuries.

Jacquard table linen – convincing quality

Tone in tone, as with the elegant table linen Elisabeth white, or in contrast, as with the royal tablecloth Elisabeth anthracite, where the noble shade of gray forms the basis for the striking floral pattern, the tablecloth acts as a complementary style element. The shimmer of the linen gives the tablecloth a special noblesse.

The high-quality design and the simple laundry care recommend Jacquard table linen also for upscale gastronomy.


Consistently natural: organic table linen

Environment and health are important to you? Then our organic table linen is just right for your home.

Jacquard table linen in organic quality combines classic elegance with one hundred percent naturalness. Linen and cotton come from certified organic farming. The non-toxic fabric impresses with its natural coloring. Bleach-proof and boil-proof, the organic table linen can be cleaned perfectly. The quality guarantees sustainability. Produced regionally in Austria, transport routes are manageable and the standard of fair production is guaranteed. Friendly light dots adorn the Vera tablecloth, the cheerful charm of rococo is spread by Theresa’s design, elegance and modernity go hand in hand in the paisley pattern. The custom-made tablecloth can be complemented with matching napkins.

Cleanliness and homely ambience

Washable tablecloths protect the table, provide a homely ambience and ensure cleanliness. Anyone who thinks of oilcloth here does not yet know Di Lino Magica. Washable and easy to care for, the tablecloth simply rolls off dirt and water. This not only makes life easier in the colorful everyday family life but also in gastronomy.

Liquids such as coffee, juice, wine, or milk do not penetrate the fibers. They stay on the surface and can easily be dabbed with a napkin. The effect remains even after several washes. It is refreshed by occasional ironing or drying of the tablecloth in the dryer.

You can choose the right design for your made-to-measure tablecloth: the Ancona table linen in bright red looks rustic and cheerful, while the Reggio cotton-polyester damask in white or vanilla looks classy.


Linen table linen – a class of its own

The use of linen as table linen has a long tradition. In the past, linen was part of the furnishings of young girls. As for napkins and tablecloths, they adorned the long tables in the castles of the nobles and the tables in the fine rooms of the manors and the upper-class dining rooms.

The tradition has survived to this day. There are good reasons for this: Linen table linen is robust and, depending on the type of weave, fine or coarse, available in lighter and heavier quality. It is easy to maintain and durable. And linen never goes out of style.

If you are looking for a made-to-measure tablecloth in a country house look, then the natural-colored Shadow Checkered will appeal to you. A classic ambience underlines the table linen ornament. Modern clarity comes with the design play of colors.


Tablecloth made of half-linen: practical and beautiful

The beautiful patterns of the jacquard technique combine with the modern demand for comfortable, light laundry care. Perfect for modern household and use in gastronomy.

The made-to-measure tablecloth is sewn with single-colored trimming in the same color, so that it can be used on both sides. The mixture of fifty percent linen and fifty percent cotton ensures a pleasant feel, a good drop of the fabric, and a attractive look.

Half-linen can look elegant: The semi-linen jacquard fabrics wine and diamond create an almost royal atmosphere. It can be rural charming, like the Seetal Jacquard with its alpine flower meadow or the Tauern Jacquard with its alpine flowers or rustic and cheerful, like the table linen in dishcloth look.

Everything in country house style

They appreciate lovingly furnished rooms, love comfort, and high-quality processed natural materials such as linen and cotton. With a custom-made tablecloth in country house style, you can create an atmosphere at home, in the restaurant, or in the inn that is cozy and stylish at the same time. The popular Edelweiss shines as discreet embroidery and brings local tradition to the table. Deer and reindeer motives are not only popular with hunters. Runners and mid blankets can be nicely arranged with accessories such as the matching bread basket.

The floral motives are beautiful, such as the purple lavender, the blue buttercup, the colorful scattered flowers of the Sarah design. If you like it more abstract, then the motiv mountain flower will appeal to you. The cotton-linen blend is easy to wash and iron. The table linen remains dimensionally stable and retains its colorfulness.

Tradition with style

The weaving mill belongs to the Mühlviertel. A rich culture has been preserved to this day. Typical patterns, such as Zwilch and Böhmerwald, still adorn family and guesthouse tables today.

The custom-made tablecloth adapts exactly to your ideas and the dimensions of your table. The Schönegg design is a more modern variant that, traditionally woven and executed, preserves old craftsmanship.

Zwilch, Böhmerwald, Schönegg are available in various colors. The table linen can even be turned. As a result, the pattern can be varied in color and interesting design effects can be achieved.

You can complement your table design with hand-printed tablecloths.


Wonderful Christmas Time

Darkness falls quickly in the evening, the snow falls in dense flakes, it is cold outside, but in the houses, the candles on the Advent wreath are lit, people are doing handicrafts and baking. A Christmas tablecloth should not be missing.

For oval, round and square tables you will find the perfect tablecloth made to measure. Shimmering damask with Christmas motives creates a festive, upscale atmosphere. The viscose-cotton mixture is easy to care for and retains its color brilliance even after multiple washing.

Finely embroidered Christmas stars on a linen-cotton blend give the holidays a rural charm. So you can design the inn and living rooms lovingly or elegantly.


In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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