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Linen for bathroom and kitchen

Our kitchen linen is characterized by high strength, durability, and absorbency.

We also produce tableware, hand and shower towels for you with individual weaves such as the company logo or name weaves. The tea towels are ideal for use in restaurants, bakeries, and butchers.

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Linen care for bathroom and kitchen

Linen care depends heavily on the quality of kitchen linen, bed covers, or the linen in the bathroom. When it comes to clothing, do you pay more attention to good quality than textiles for your home?

It doesn't matter whether it's a tea towel, kitchen towel, or shower towel in the bathroom: Quality pays off. Likewise, the whole family benefits from the laundry that you use in your household. Especially when it’s not about fashion trends, the standard of quality should be particularly high. After all, textile goods for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as curtains, table linen, or other products, are usually timeless.

Furthermore, household textiles often have to withstand high washing temperatures. It is all the more important that when it comes to home textiles, you do not rely on quantity, but on quality.


Quality saves time

You’re working? That's exactly when you don't want to spend your time worrying about laundry care when the first seams unravel. Valuable household chores should always be fun, what do you think?

In particular, linen in the kitchen and bathroom will now be discussed. What is particularly important when shopping? How should you select the exact laundry items in order to enjoy for the long term?

Kitchen linens and all laundry for your bathroom should be absorbent. Thick fibers in the towel, used for example after the daily shower, will be fun for your whole family. An absorbent tea towel enriches your kitchen linen in everyday use.


Our kitchen linen

Above all, kitchen linen should be absorbent. Thick fibers in the tea towel help you to dry the dishes off as quickly as possible. An absorbent tea towel enriches your kitchen linen in everyday use.


The Tea Towel

Who doesn’t know this? The water or juice bottle falls over. Before the juice leaves ugly stains on the carpet, as much of the colored liquid as possible must be absorbed immediately. Orange juice on your children’s exercise book? Now, quick action is more important than swear words. In this situation, who has time to get a very absorbent mop from the basement? More than ever, in moments of little misfortune, everyone is happy when the kitchen offers a high-quality tea towel. With good tissue on the tea towel and high absorbency, you can recite liquid as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Whether the popular waffle tea towel or a trendy linen model: you will also enjoy our high standard of quality. Good goods, as they are often used in the catering industry, find their beloved place in every private household. You can completely redesign the kitchen with traditional or very fashionable colors of kitchen linen. Depending on the season and the furnishing, you will find the right thing for your home.


The Pith Towel

Our pit towel offers, with 100% cotton, special quality. It is particularly absorbent and is characterized by high strength. From the very first time, you will experience your friends with this valuable weaving fabric. The linen for the kitchen has to work perfectly. Whether you dry the towel by hand or use it for other purposes, we know what matters. Of course, we offer this in different designs.

In plain language: with high-quality kitchen linen you give your cooking mood even more shine.

In addition to the kitchen linen, it is extremely important to us that your bathroom is equipped with the perfect range of linen for you and your family. Why? We use our bathroom every day, and that several times. That is why it should serve as a small wellness oasis. What do we offer for you to achieve this?


The perfect set of linen for the bathroom

Our entire range of terry towels, for example, bath towels, small and large towels, sauna towels, or the proven washing glove: We are happy to offer you a versatile design of the best quality. What makes our company special? We embroider your unique piece of laundry with your name or company logo. So you can design your bathroom product very special. Of course, this effort pays off especially when excellent quality is delivered. The fluffy, soft fabric is woven for you in Austria, in the Waldviertel.


High-Quality Promotional Gifts

As a company owner, are you looking for a valuable promotional gift that will be used in the household? In the category Promotion, you will find our offer for individual weaving. The recipient will enjoy the high quality that you give away for many years. Good towels not only inspire in daily use, with longer use your advertising logo remains in your memory forever, isn't this effect exactly what you want?


Everything coordinated

The perfectly equipped bathroom needs the necessary touch of color. The linen looks best when everything is coordinated. In addition to the proven towels, we also offer the matching bathrobe, slippers, or sauna towel. Bathmats of high, fluffy quality pay off. We want you to enjoy it for a long time.

What about our little customers, i.e. the children? In our range, you will find children's terry towels with motives that conjure up everyday bathing fun for young and old. the children's bathrobe not only looks cute, but your bundle of joy will feel really comfortable in it after a full bath. It’s nice to cuddle. Tip: You can choose the children’s bathrobe two to three sizes larger. So you can enjoy the bathing fun in the right outfit with your child for a long time. As always, good quality pays off.

It doesn't matter whether it's kitchen linen or bathroom equipment: don't skimp on the laundry items that the whole family uses every day. Here, in particular, the bar of your quality standards should be very high. We meet precisely this requirement. Quality with a special touch is important to us, and to you?


In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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