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Here you will find many different types of bed linen to ensure a wonderful sleep.

All bed linen is made in Austria and made to measure in all sizes. We use only very high-quality raw materials that provide a unique sleeping experience and make the bedding very durable.

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Bed linen for a pleasant sleep

When choosing a bed linen, you should not just keep an eye on the design, because the appearance of the bed linen does not necessarily make for a better sleep. Much more important is the quality and the selection of the right fabric.

With us you get both, a high quality bed linen made in Austria and a large selection of different designs. Surely you will also find the perfect bedding to match your interior design.


Landhaus Bed Linen:

Landhaus is a colourful woven bed linen made of 100% cotton, which is available in checked and striped. The yarns are dyed in advance and then woven. This keeps the colours fresh even after many washes.

The bed linen is of course available on request and in different finishes. Thanks to the good fabric quality, the bedding still feels new, supple and cuddly even after months.


Linen Bed Linen:

Our linen bed linen from Austria will also delight you. The matt-silky shine and the soft feel of the fine long-fibre flax fabric give elegance and suppleness.

Linen bed linen ensures a pleasant, cool climate in bed on hot summer nights. Linen is popular for its climate-regulating property. Even if you sweat, the bedding feels dry. Pure linen is also antistatic and therefore particularly recommended for allergy sufferers.


Half-Linen Bed Linen:

If you want to enjoy the benefits of linen fabrics, but the bed linen should be easy to iron, then the semi-linen bed linen is just right for you. We have gently processed fine linen yarn with cotton to a discreet design without additives.

The result is a delicate, silky light fabric that seduces you to cuddle. The elegant design is very fine, so that even the highest demands can be satisfied.


Organic Linen Bed Linen:

The organic linen bed linen is woven from natural, European long fiber yarns from certified organic farming in Helfenberg in the Mühlviertel. You can be sure that no chemical agents were used in the production process and the finishing is done mechanically and naturally.


Organic Bed Linen:

In this section you will find different types of organic bed linen. Our organic bed linen is processed strictly according to ecological criteria and no fabric softeners, synthetic resins or dyes and additives with heavy metals or AZO fabrics are used during the processing.

The organic bed linen is from 100% certified organic farming. This means that, from cultivation to the final product, attention is paid to compliance with the strictest environmental and social guidelines. The use of pesticides in cultivation is prohibited, fertilisers are kept to a minimum and the use of heavy harvesters is almost impossible. Cotton, for example, is picked by hand. All this is being scrutinised by international organisations.


Classic Tencel Bed Linen:

A beautiful selection of different high-quality Damask bed linen made of TENCEL® fiber can be found here. The damask bed linen is woven and manufactured by the company HEFEL in Vorarlberg. Let yourself be seduced by this bedding!

TENCEL® is extracted from wood as a raw material – environmentally friendly and without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. This means that the skin is covered with pure and soothing TENCEL®.


Trend Tencel Bed Linen:

With TENCEL® bed linen, every night becomes a special night. Like no other fiber, TENCEL® appeals to the senses and provides restful sleep.

The purest fiber on the market combines a cool and gentle feel with a silky shine and convinces by a built-in feeling of freshness. TENCEL® is really a sensation! No one who has even spent a night in satin TENCEL® bedding would ever want to sleep in something else again!


Micro Tencel Bed Linen:

Micro Tencel bed linen is known for its special quality. Tencel is a natural fiber of botanical origin, as it is obtained from the raw material wood. The product used to be called Lyocell bed linen.

Fiber production is proving to be particularly environmentally friendly due to closed loops. Tencel ensures the best moisture management, is climate-regulating and has 50% more moisture absorption capacity than cotton.


Damask Bed Linen:

High-quality Damascus bed linen in all sizes also made to measure. Experience quality! Damask is made of cotton using only mercerized and supercombed cotton, which is particularly tear-resistant and shiny due to a special finishing process. Damask cotton linens are comfortable on the skin, moisture regulating and breathable.


Swiss Satin Bed Linen:

Swiss satin bed linen is made of 100% premium cotton. Only the finest threads are processed into satin bed linen. So the bedding shines more and has a softer feel. The following Swiss satin bed linen is produced by the weaving mills Fleuresse and Fussenegger.


Mako Satin Bed Linen:

Mako-Satin bedding is a particularly soft bedding in the best quality. However, our linens are made of pure cotton and no synthetic fiber. The designs range from modern to classic and are also changed regularly. The bed linen is made in Austria and can be custom made for you in all sizes.


Cotton Bed Linen:

Cotton bedding is a pure natural product. Cotton textiles can absorb and absorb up to 65 percent of their own weight in moisture.

Thus, pure cotton linens are extremely absorbent, breathable and durable. In addition, cotton bedding is easy to maintain and can be washed at high temperatures.


Jersey Bed Linen:

Jersey linens are excellent with a particularly stretchy and soft quality and have a mesh structure. In addition, the bed linen is breathable, temperature-balancing and absorbent, which makes it suitable for use all year round. People who know this quality don’t want any more. Beautiful printed and monochrome jersey bed linen made of pure cotton by Fussenegger are available in every size with us!


Fine Flannel Bed Linen:

Fine flannel bed linen is very cuddly and lightweight, they are woven from cotton and are therefore temperature-regulating. Cold feet were yesterday!

With the following bed linen from the companies Fussenegger and Fleuresse you can make cold winter nights a day! The linens are available in many great colors and of course in the usual high quality! We manufacture all products to measure and therefore our flannel bedding fits all duvets and pillows.


Seersucker Bed Linen:

Seersucker bed linen is made of cotton and characterized by alternately smooth and ruched fabric strips. In addition, Seersucker has the particularly positive property of not having to be ironed. Simple elegance comes out through her check pattern with restrained and non-obtrusive colours.


Children's Bed Linen:

Choose between the Tencel children’s bed linen by Hefel or children’s bed linen by Fleuresse and Fussenegger. We are happy to offer you high quality bed linen and linens from Austria for your loved ones. There’s something for every pirate or princess in the motives. Animal motifs are particularly popular with children.


In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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