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Patchwork carpets - robust and easy to care for!

Our patchwork carpets are made from raw materials of the highest quality. The patchwork carpets are extremely hard-wearing, robust, and lie flat on the floor. They are easily washable without stressing the fabric. The patchwork carpets are handwoven in Austria (Mühlviertel). All carpets are made from 100% cotton. For our carpets, we only use new fabrics made from pure cotton (no artificial materials).

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The patchwork carpets - a popular classic!

If you look at the history of the patchwork carpets, it can be said that the weaving of patchwork carpets has a long tradition, especially in the Mühlviertel in Upper Austria. The term patchwork carpet comes from the weaving technique. Although the Mühlviertel patchwork carpet was a much sought-after object after the Second World War, it later fell unjustly out of favor.

In the 1980s, however, the patchwork carpet experienced a boom again, and it was particularly popular with young people. Today, patchwork rugs are not only found in wooden huts and farms, but also in glossy magazines and journals for home and living. The good piece fits in almost everywhere.

It harmonizes with the country house style, the colonial style, but also feels at home in the Mediterranean environment. Longevity, individuality, and easy care are the hallmarks of modern patchwork carpets.

With us you get a patchwork carpet in all the usual standard sizes or made to measure, it is handwoven with perfection in Austria and lasts 20 to 30 years or longer with occasional care. The traditional company Weberei Kitzmüller in the Mühlviertel has been guaranteeing the best quality and processing since 1928.


Materials, colors, and patterns

Only high-quality raw materials made of 100% cotton are used for our absolutely hard-wearing and lasting value made-to-measure patchwork carpet. To ensure a long service life, unworn, new fabrics are used.

The fabrics are carefully selected and are purely natural products. Once the choice has been made, the fabrics are cut into strips and sewn together. It is this combination of fabrics that are used to create special patterns. Stripes with the colors blue, green, or red are woven together to match. Due to this continuous weave, the carpet is relatively heavy and therefore lies snugly on the floor. Depending on use and floor, a non-slip carpet underlay should be used.

Classic striped patterns are woven in the weaving mill, interspersed with white, but single-colored or mottled patchwork carpets are also created. The carpets with effect strips that catch the eye are particularly striking. All carpets are provided with a stable selvage, this prevents them from rippling, as can happen with inferior patchwork carpets.


Making a patchwork carpet and our models in detail

What is special about us is the patchwork carpet made to measure, which can be made in a width of 70 cm to 210 cm. All model variants, from the Guglwald model to the Schlosssee uni model, can be woven individually within the dimensions (70 to 210 cm). You can also individually specify the length of the patchwork carpet made to measure. This creates a suitable carpet for every taste and almost every room size.

If you like, you can add fringes to the short ends of your carpet, of course at no extra charge. Overall, the carpet is edged with a stable selvage. A free sample shipment rounds off the service perfectly. This way you can easily be sure that the color of the carpet matches your room. Each piece is lovingly made and processed. Color requests and sizes are gladly taken care of. So every patchwork carpet has its own character.


Cleaning a patchwork carpet

Proper cleaning is also very important for long-lasting patchwork carpets. Washing the patchwork carpet is no problem thanks to the consistently high quality. In the case of heavy soiling or stubborn stains, smaller carpets can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Even at a low temperature in the dryer, the patchwork carpet stays in shape. Larger carpets can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. In contrast to carpets, which have a dense underside, the patchwork carpet has a clear advantage. It can be used from both sides, making it easier for dirt to pass through and a good vacuum cleaner will do the rest. Turning it over also has a self-cleaning effect. Dry cleaning is not recommended, as are bleaching and ironing. The carpet itself should be vacuumed without a brush head, just with the nozzle. Hardly any carpet is more hygienic and cheaper to clean.


  • Problem-free cleaning at 30 degrees
  • Free sample delivery
  • All rugs up to 210 cm wide made to measure
  • Hard-wearing - hand-woven in Austria
  • Large color selection

Our patchwork carpet models:

Patchwork carpets have a long tradition in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. But the production of carpets also has a long tradition in Chiemgau. In the past, these carpets were made from leftover fabric. Today, high-quality fabrics are used for the perfect patchwork carpet. Especially in northern Germany, this carpet is also sometimes referred to as a patchwork carpet.

Depending on the model, different materials and different manufacturing processes are used. We would like to give some examples here:


The Patchwork Carpet model Guglwald

View patchwork carpet Guglwald >>

We cut high-quality fabrics into strips for the Guglwald patchwork carpet. Then we sew them together color-coordinated. The hard-wearing patchwork carpets can be used in many ways. They give living spaces a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere and are easy to clean.

Of course, we can make the patchwork carpets in any color you want. Use the notes to make your wishes known. You can choose any color combination from the following colors: white, beige (off-white), red, bordeaux, pink, light green, dark green, grey, sky blue, and brown. On request, we are also happy to weave a sample in the selected color combination.


The Patchwork Carpet Schlosssee

View patchwork carpet Schlosssee >>

The yarns twisted into a wick give the "Schlosssee" carpet a special character. The rug can be made to measure in a single color or striped in many color nuances. The patchwork carpets model Schlosssee are available as custom-made rugs and in uni colors.


The Patchwork Carpet model Sternstein

View the Sternstein patchwork carpet >>

We weave special stripes from new yarns for the Sternstein patchwork carpet. These stripes have no hem and it convinces with a pleasantly soft surface. The high strength is shown by the stable edge of the patchwork carpet. The patchwork carpets of the Sternstein model are available in different versions: mottled, with effect stripes, exquisite and plain.





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