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Paper Carpets 

As the name suggests, paper carpets are made from paper. The combination with sisal gives the carpet a unique, hard-wearing structure.

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Paper carpets - the perfect mix


The paper carpet is somewhat sensitive to moisture, so it is not really suitable for outdoor use! Paper carpets mixed with sisal fibers make the carpet more robust and durable.

The Mellcarta carpet consists of 60% paper and 40% sisal in the warp and 100% sisal in the weft. This combination gives the carpet a unique structure.

This carpet is coated with latex on the back and is therefore non-slip. Due to the raw materials, the carpet regulates the room climate in a natural way.


Technical specifications:

  • woven in Austria
  • Basis weight: 2650 g/sqm
  • Height: around 5 mm
  • Back with latex backing
  • difficult to ignite


The sisal fiber, obtained from the sisal agave, is a strong, durable fiber by nature. Best quality, high quality, long sisal fibers from the sisal agave are grown in Madagascar, Kenya, and Tanzania. The entire further processing of the real natural fiber carpets, such as dyeing, spinning, weaving, etc. takes place in an environmentally friendly manner exclusively in Austria. Our sisal carpets are processed according to strict quality criteria.


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