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Bedding – Simply sleep well!

We are proud to have the bedding program of the company Hefel from Vorarlberg in the program and to be able to offer you the new innovation of unique nursing snails by Barbara Österreicher.

The bedding is produced entirely in Austria and ensures a pleasant sleep. Here you will find duvets, underbeds and pillows tailored to your individual needs. We are happy to make all bedding for you – just contact us.

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  • The Wellness Vitasan Allergic program has been specially developed for allergy sufferers. The Wellness Vitasan Allergic bedding offers active protection for allergy sufferers.
  • The Klima Control Fair bedding, which perfectly regulates the temperature in the bed, is also part of the range. The cover is made of cotton from 100% certified organic farming (kbA).
  • The Bio-Wool bedding, which is filled with virgin wool from 100% certified organic animal husbandry (kbT), has similar properties.


Bedding of the highest quality

All our bedding is manufactured in Austria by traditional companies. Comfortable duvets, comfortable pillows, underbeds, organic mattresses and sleeping systems – with our bedding you can ensure a balanced sleep at home.


Sleep is for the recovery of body and mind

On average, every person sleeps almost an entire third of his life. Sleep is partly responsible for our physical well-being and our health. You can save money in many areas of life, but you should not be too stingy when it comes to your own health.

There is something for everyone in our bedding range. The Wellness Allergic Program by Hefel has been developed especially for allergy sufferers. Almost all of our duvets and pillows can be ordered to the desired size.


Relaxing sleep thanks to high-quality duvets

To get a restful sleep and start the new day with full energy, you need a high-quality mattress and a matching duvet. Our entire range of duvet covers comes from the traditional company Hefel. The Austrian family business can look back on more than 100 years of experience and is not for nothing one of the leading manufacturers of bedding in Europe.


Comfortable pillows

With us, every type of sleep will find its desired pillow. We at textilshop. at are convinced that our soft, medium, compact, neck rests, down and children’s pillows support your head and at the same time create a comfortable and relaxed sleeping position. With the fantastically ingenious cushions from Hefel you regenerate in sleep without sweating.

In addition to our pillows with different “grades of hardness” we also have special pillows such as: side sleeping pillows, belly sleeping pillows, neck support pillows and many more.


Underbeds increase sleeping comfort

Especially allergy sufferers appreciate underbeds thanks to the increased bed hygiene. Underbeds are also essential for a healthy and balanced sleep. The bed invites with a bulky underbed more to cuddle and relax. Underbeds also provide more warmth and lying in bed becomes significantly softer.


Organic mattresses for a healthy sleep

If a mattress is as comfortable as it is, but not made with natural fabrics, it may not be optimal for your health. It is especially important to be surrounded by pollutant tested and breathable natural materials during the recovery phase of the body. It is not good for any body to inhale pollutants.

For us it is important that our organic mattresses are free of pollutants and are used in the production of organic materials.


Pine for rest in sleep

That the pine has particularly positive effects and gives us a better sleep is no secret anymore. In our bed system, you sleep as if you were floating on a cloud. The system is completely metal-free and the wood types used are all untreated.



In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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