Blue tea towel 50x70 cm
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Blue tea towel 50x70 cm









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Wagner blueprint has been dedicated to the special craft of blueprinting since 1878 and has been one of our most loyal customers for many decades.

We are all happier about the creation of our joint creation, the new Wagner-Vieböck cloth!

The reserve printing technique creates a white pattern visible on the canvas on a blue background.

First, our linen is pre-washed and placed on a large workbench.

The cardboard (clay, water and gum Arabic) is applied with a stamp pad that prevents the blue color from penetrating the area where the pattern will be placed.

Residual contribution. 8%

Material: 100% pure linen


The advantages of a linen tea towel:

You will love "drying" your laundry! The natural material is very absorbent, dries very quickly and also allows it to dry without streaks. Wash 2-3 times at 60° before first use.

care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!


Leinenweberei Vieböck

Since 1832 years, under the name “Vieböck”, linen and cotton fabrics have been created in traditional “Mühlviertler” stripes and check patterns, but also in advanced, modern designs.

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care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!

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