Tea-towel in good quality
regionale Textilien quality from Austria
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tea towels in good quality

Whether made of cotton, half-linen, or linen -

all have one thing in common. They come from Austria and convince everyone with their unique quality.

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Various materials

  • cotton
  • linen
  • half-linen

Also, dishcloths with sayings are available.


Tea towel cotton

Dish towels from Austria. We offer you classic cotton dishcloths as well as terry towels for everyday use. The quality and suction power of these dishcloths are very high and they are very robust, hard-wearing, and cooking-resistant. Choose your favorite design.


Tea towel linen 

We have woven the new kitchen towel made of pure linen with high-quality long-fiber yarns in 10 different colors. In many practical tests, it has proven itself well for general use in the kitchen. Your lenses will also shine without streaks. The prejudice that linen dishcloths do not suck well must also be clearly contradicted. New linen dishcloths must be cleaned once or twice so that fine layers of wax come off from the production and then linen dishcloths suck very well!

The linen fabrics are woven by the Vieböck weaving mill in Austria (Mühlviertel) on special looms in the traditional way. The weaving mill Vieböck manufactures all products according to the EMAS eco-certificate and produces the fabric in a gentle and environmentally friendly way. In order to be able to convince yourself of the uniquely Austrian quality, we will be happy to send you free samples. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Tea towel half-linen

Furthermore, we offer a large selection of beautiful semi-line dishcloths. All dishtowels are available in many colors and suck very well. The waffle cloths have a structured surface and can absorb even more water.
Due to the production in Austria (Vorarlberg and Upper Austria), you have pleasure with the dishcloths even when used daily for many years!


Tea towel with saying

Dish towels, with a nice saying, are always a popular souvenir. Women in particular often buy these dishcloths to give to their men or children. These dishcloths are supposed to make sure someone else does the dishes. However, drying with these dishcloths is a lot of fun, as they are made of 100% cotton in Austria and suck very well. If a stain comes into the dishtowel, you can boil it at 90 degrees.



In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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