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Alpakazucht Rauscher

We are a family business in the heart of the Kremstal, Upper Austria. Our offer includes the breeding and sale of alpacas, both as breeding and recreational animals, the manufacture and distribution of our alpacas products.

Alpakazucht Rauscher

About the alpaca breeding RAUSCHER:

Alpaca fleece was called “Floe of the Gods” by the Incas. The animals are exposed to strong temperature fluctuations (origin: Andes), so the fiber is able to balance well and are adaptable. The alpaca fleece is one of the finest animal fibres – it is soft, fine and warm. It contains practically no lanolin (wool fat). Compared to sheep, it doesn’t itch or scratch.

  • Pure alpaca fleece filling of animals from own farm
  • Unique sleeping comfort
  • Excellent temperature and humidity balance
  • Lighter and about 5x warmer than sheep’s wool
  • Excellent for allergy sufferers, rheumatism and gout sufferers
  • Odour neutral, self-cleaning and antibacterial
  • Alpacavlies washed without the addition of chemical cleaning agents
  • High-quality cotton cover from certified organic farming
  • Made in a small bedding factory (5 employees)

Alpakabettdecke Detailausschnitt

Our bedding is actually 100% alpaca fleece, which is sorted by hand and then gently washed. Only this ensures the desired high quality of the bed. Most producers add up to 30% foreign fiber to the alpaca woven, as carding the alpaca woven is very difficult and the raw material costs are reduced. However, our Kremstal alpaca blankets are really 100% filled with alpaca wool.
Alpacas live in herds, they are grazing animals (with us all year round). You have the freedom to choose whether you want to be inside or outside. The alpacajungen are at the mother for about one year and get breast milk. In the barn, the animals are brushed and in summer they get vats to cool off with a foot bath. The aim was to obtain a fiber optimization by own breeding. It is important that the animals feel comfortable – both the bond between humans and animals and the social ranking of the animals within the herd. Agricultural use: pure suppliers of wool.


Products of the Rauscher family


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