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For the Kitchen – Pit Towels and Towels

Austrian quality products are also finding their way into the kitchen more and more, because you want to have high-quality towels in the kitchen.

In this section you will find towels that are very durable and perfectly suited for everyday use. All towels are woven according to old tradition in Austrian weavers and this difference in quality can be noticed from the first use.

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kitchen towels

Cotton towels, strudel clothes, and side cloths from Austria. Here you will find all the clothes that belong to traditional Austrian cuisine. The kitchen towels are of course of the best quality, as she loved Grandma.
The weaving mills Kitzmüller and Vieböck value the traditional Austrian weaving tradition and reflect this in their products. The phrase “Grandma’s dishcloths were the best” doesn’t come from anywhere. In the Mühlviertel this great quality is produced.


"Pit towels" a traditional German miner's towel

The mine towel is made in Austria according to the traditional way and is very resistant.
The name “Green Towel” derives from the mining industry, since the miners always wash their hands with it when they leave the pit.
Our pit cloth is made of 100% cotton and is available in different colours.


In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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