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Hefel quilts

Are you looking for a high quality duvet? Ideally produced in Austria and therefore of high quality?

Then you have come to the right place. The traditional Austrian company HEFEL stands for the highest quality. There is a suitable quilt for every type of sleep: from the organic to the climate-active to the particularly easy-care duvet. The assortment is enormously diverse – so there is certainly the ideal duvet for you.

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Our quilts by Hefel

To start the day fresh and full of energy you need a restful, relaxing sleep. In addition to a high-quality mattress, the duvet also plays an important role.

Choosing the right quilt is not as easy as you might think at first, because the choice is large. It should provide heat at low room temperature and have a cooling function at high room temperature. It should snuggle gently to your body, the filling material should be soft and comfortable.

In addition, duvet is not the same as duvet. Different blankets allow you to enjoy the same sleeping comfort all year round. There are thin summer blankets, cozy winter blankets, as well as year-round blankets for the transition period between summer and winter.


Quality quilts made in Austria

Our entire range of quilt covers comes from the traditional company Hefel. The Austrian family business can look back on more than 100 years of experience and is not for nothing one of the leading manufacturers of bedding in Europe.

Hefel relies not only on high-quality manufacturing, but also all the processed materials, from the filling to the yarn, are all from controlled Austrian production.

Hefel also attaches great importance to sustainability, which is why all its products are certified with ÖKO-Tex.


High-quality quilts for everyone

As you can see, finding the right quilt in the huge selection is not so easy, to make your choice easier, we have divided our blankets into different “families. ” This way you have an overview of the different options and find the model that meets your requirements.

Combine your quilt with pillows and underbed of the same category to create a harmonious overall image and benefit from our high-quality products on every level.

Most of our products are in stock, so you can arrive within a few days of ordering. Special sizes are also possible on request, but then the delivery time amounts to about 2 to 3 weeks.


Easy-care Quilts

As the name suggests, these are blankets that are particularly easy to clean. You can easily wash them at 95°C and put them in the dryer afterwards. Thus, they are also ideally suited for commercial use, such as in hotels or nursing homes.


Nature Quilts

People have been warming themselves with natural fibres for centuries. Our shop offers traditional filling materials such as sheep’s wool or linen, as well as newer fillings such as Kapot down, maize (maize fibers) or bamboo.

Models with camel hair filling or made of 100% real silk are also available. Except for the wool models, all these quilts are machine washable, but should be air-dried.


Organic Quilts

Like all our bedding, this blanket is made of 100% natural materials. In addition, they are also GOTS certified, which guarantees that the raw materials not only come from certified organic farming, but that all social standards have been met during their production.

In our assortment, we offer you for example organic linen – as well as organic wool – fillings, both wrapped in high-quality Oranic Cotton fine satin.


Cashmere Quilts

In addition to pure cashmere blankets, we also offer combinations with sheep’s wool. So you combine the warming properties of cashmere with the vitalizing powers of wool. The duvets should not be washed, because the noble materials are a little more sensitive.


Climate-active Quilts

Tencel is a pure natural fiber obtained from wood. It is particularly absorbent and thus easily regulates the moisture exchange between body and environment. Thus, the quilt is also suitable for people with strong sweating.

Tencel is also particularly gentle on the skin. You can get the duvets with a 100% tencel filling, or in combination with sheep’s wool, for colder days.


Wellness Quilts

If you want to do something for your health while sleeping, these blankets are just right for you. It has been scientifically proven that pinewood fillings affect heart function and help to maintain a calm heartbeat. In the 2014 ÖKO test, this quilt was awarded with the rating “very good. ” As a bonus, when you buy this blanket, you get a small gift on top of it.

In addition to the pinewood blanket, you will find in this category also a duvet specially for allergy sufferers. The exclusive Vitasan filling provides permanent protection against mites and other pests that can cause discomfort in sensitive persons.


Special Quilts

For special needs there are special blankets. For people who sweat a lot during the night, the Cool bedspread is an interesting solution, as the integrated capsules cool the body comfortably. If it gets cooler then you just need to turn the blanket around to get warmed by the fleece attached there.

Bionoc Clima blankets work according to the same principle: one side cools, the other side warms.


Hefel Down Quilts

Of course, we also offer you this classic, with the assurance that the down comes 100% from happy willow geese from Austria.


Children's Quilts

Many of our models are of course also available in children’s sizes. The quality is the same as with the adult blankets.


Eiderdown Quilts

Pure luxury and exclusivity can be experienced with bedding with eiderdown filling. The eiderdown is one of the finest filling materials. It is particularly lightweight and still provides excellent insulation.

The limited quantity, the careful and animal-friendly extraction and the incredible longevity make the down of the eider duck a luxury product for summer and winter.


4-season Quilts

These blankets can be used all year round. It consists of 2 blankets which are assembled by means of snap buttons. One is a thin summer blanket for the warm months, the other a slightly warmer transitional blanket for autumn and spring. In winter you tie the two together and have a thick double blanket.



In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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