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Hefel Underbeddings

The mattress toppers provide a more comfortable sleeping comfort and better sleep hygiene. They quickly transport moisture away from the body and prevent moisture retention. You will sleep better and sweat less!


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You can wash almost all underbeds and thus protect your mattress. All underbeds are equipped with a tensioning device in the corners and are offered in a wide range of sizes. The underbeds are simply attached like a sheet, this ensures the perfect fit.


What is the purpose of mattress toppers?

Many people simply put a mattress on a slatted frame and often consider the investment in a subbed to be superfluous. But mattress protectors for the top of the mattress take on several tasks.

They are essential for a healthy sleep and at the same time increase the sleeping comfort and the recreational value of sleep. The bed invites you to cuddle thanks to a bulky underbed. Underbeds provide more warmth and improve hygiene in the bed, even lying down becomes significantly softer. The heat behavior of make mattress covers is particularly interesting for people with rheumatism.


For whom is a subbed particularly suitable?

If you are still unsure, if you need a mattress pad because absolutely then you should know the following. Underbeds noticeably improve sleeping comfort and are far more hygienic than just a mattress.

Most people go to bed exhausted at night. On the mattress surface of many beds in many households there is at best a protective molton cloth. The sheet is pulled on. Upholstered mattress pads provide a much better bedding, they protect the usually expensive mattress from contamination and at the same time are responsible for increased sleeping comfort.


Would you prefer a warmer bed or a cooler bed?

There is a difference between whether you prefer a warmer bed or a cooler bed. According to the individual wishes for the sleeping climate, the question about the material of the filled mattress pads has to be answered.

Some mattress toppings warm, while other mattress toppings cool. Thanks to their special filling, they ensure better temperature compensation and improved humidity regulation. The function of underbeds for you depends not only on the type of filling, but also on the upholstery.

You can choose between classic materials such as cotton, virgin sheep’s wool, artificial silk or microfibre.


Not only allergy sufferers appreciate underbeds

Allergy sufferers appreciate increased bed hygiene, which should protect them from allergens such as bed mites or house dust. Therefore, there are special mattress pads available on the market for allergy sufferers, which are antiallergic and antibacterial by their filling.

Mattress toppings with Antigard coating, pine core wood filling or neem oil content are effective in this direction. Otherwise, boiling-resistant covers and fillings are recommended for underbeds for allergy sufferers. Microfiber mattress covers and covers are particularly recommended for allergic people.


Underbeds are very easy to care for

On the other hand, healthy sleepers also benefit from optimal bed hygiene. A single bed can be washed in the washing machine. You can dry clean it and sometimes even cook it. Depending on the situation, the purchase decision can be made according to individual needs.

Mattress pads on the top of the mattress also provide a remedy for certain diseases or an increased susceptibility to colds. It is quite right to understand an underbed as a therapy support. Peat, for example, has an anti-inflammatory effect as a filling of underbeds. Rheumatic complaints or joint problems such as arthritis can be alleviated.



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