Half linen pit cloth 50x100 cm
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Half linen pit cloth 50x100 cm









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A design with history: This cloth's dark and eerie design has a very specific reason: these black mining cloths were previously used in mining.

The buddy uses the cloth to dry herself during her daily laundry.

Due to the dark colors, the black carbon dirt was not immediately visible.

The advantages of a linen towel:

Linen is an extremely absorbent and, above all, natural material. Before first use, wash 2-3 times at 60° to ensure full absorbency. Enjoy the soothing peeling effect when drying with linen.


Care instructions:

  • Use plenty of water and only fill the washing machine halfway: laundry needs a lot of water! It's best to let the laundry soak overnight and wash it out with plenty of water. Add additional water to the porthole if necessary.
  • Low spin speeds: Set the lowest spin speeds. If you avoid spinning, ironing will be easier and the fibers will be protected.
  • Avoid optical brighteners: When washing your laundry products, use liquid mild detergents without optical brighteners and bleaching additives.
  • Washable up to 60°C: White and natural linen can be washed at 60°.

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Leinenweberei Vieböck

Since 1832 years, under the name “Vieböck”, linen and cotton fabrics have been created in traditional “Mühlviertler” stripes and check patterns, but also in advanced, modern designs.

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