SPECIAL OFFER Sternstein uni ash grey 70x140 cm with hem
regionale Textilien quality from Austria
Manuela Daninger

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SPECIAL OFFER Sternstein uni ash grey 70x140 cm with hem









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This carpet is a one-off from our showroom.

For the "Sternstein" patchwork rug, we weave special strips from new yarns. These stripes have no hem and it convinces with the pleasantly soft surface.

The high strength is reflected in the stable edge of the Patchwork rug.  

This carpet has a basis weight of around 1.65 kg per square meter.
The classic patchwork rug can be found here: Patchwork rug

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Teppichweberei Guglwald - vorm. Kitzmüller

Weaving has a long tradition in the Mühlviertel that is still very popular with visitors. What began as a hand weaving mill in 1928 is today the Kitzmüller weaving mill, in which textiles are produced on the basis of pure natural fibers.

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