SALE Patchwork rug Sternstein uni 70 x 140 cm
regionale Textilien quality from Austria
Manuela Daninger

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SALE Patchwork rug Sternstein uni 70 x 140 cm









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This rug is a one-off from our showroom.

For the "Sternstein" patchwork carpet, we knit special stripes from new yarns. These stripes do not have a border and convince with a pleasantly soft surface.

The high strength is shown by the stable edge of the patchwork rug.  

This carpet has a basis weight of around 1.65 kg per square meter.
The classic patchwork rug can be found here: View patchwork rug

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Teppichweberei Guglwald - vorm. Kitzmüller

Weaving has a long tradition in the Mühlviertel that is still very popular with visitors. What began as a hand weaving mill in 1928 is today the Kitzmüller weaving mill, in which textiles are produced on the basis of pure natural fibers.

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