Glas Polishing Cloth 3-pieces "Danke", 48x70cm
regionale Textilien quality from Austria
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Glas Polishing Cloth 3-pieces "Danke", 48x70cm









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A perfect set of 3 glass towels to give away. With the inscription "Danke" Böselhör invites you to give this set as a thank you to your loved ones.

The polishing glass towels are made of 50% cotton and 50% linen. The use of finer raw materials makes these products particularly supple and smooth.

Übelhör Danke Herz Übehlhör Danke in verschiedenen Sprachen Übelhör Danke Blumen


Quality - Made in Austria:
The company is considered a special insider in the home textiles sector. The Vorarlberg family and traditional company are located in the district of Höchst - Bregenz. Böselhör has been producing high-quality handicrafts since 1948. Later, they also developed embroidered table linen and jacquard fabrics. It offers flexible ready-made clothing and court goods. With Übelhör bed linen, you buy particularly high quality from Austria.

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Eugen Übelhör GmbH

Übelhör in Vorarlberg has been weaving high-quality fabrics for tablecloths and home textiles for many years. One focus was always the refinement with high-quality embroidery with traditional Austrian patterns. Hence the name Folkloreweberei.

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