Natural latex mattress with 5 zones core - height 14 cm
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Natural latex mattress with 5 zones core - height 14 cm









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PLEASE NOTE: The mattress covers are included in the price of the mattress. You can select the covers separately in the online shop. If you have any questions, please contact us!

The natural latex mattress with a 5-zone core is the second important part of your bed. The plate system ensures the pronounced support of the body, the mattress makes the bed pleasantly soft. Our mattresses are characterized by their point elasticity and their natural purity (incl. QUL certificate). For a healthy sleep, it is necessary to be able to move freely.

The advantage of a latex mattress is very clear:

The mattress is constantly aerated by the movement of the sleeper lying on it. The unsurpassed elasticity adapts perfectly to the sleeping movements of the human body. As a result, the spine always rests in the correct position, allowing it to relax and not be restricted.
The even distribution of pressure supports good blood circulation.

Natural latex is the sap of the tropical rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and consists of rubber particles and water. Only natural latex from controlled plantations that meet the strictest quality standards is used.
The latex foam is made into a quality product through expert baking, without synthetic glues or adhesives. At the end of the manufacturing process, the natural latex mattresses are carefully washed and dried. In this way, potentially allergenic proteins are destroyed by the high temperatures that can arise during baking (vulcanization) and drying. Natural latex is a natural, high-quality product that is subject to strict quality controls at every stage of production.

With a length of 210 cm, we will charge you a surcharge of 10% and with a length of 220 cm with a 20% surcharge - possible for all sizes.

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Relax - Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

At RELAX we are convinced that good sleep and nature belong together. That is why we only produce products that are in harmony with the environment, make your bedroom a place of relaxation and meet your needs for healthy sleep.

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There is no care tip from our supplier!

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