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Product details

The Mellana 1400 carpet is an extremely durable carpet. It is machine woven and consists of 100% new wool on the surface. The carpet is around 10.5 mm thick and weighs around 2500 g/sqm.

The carpet is also well suited for the hotel industry, as the carpet is difficult to ignite and emits little smoke (B1/Q1). This carpet can also be used for rooms with underfloor heating.

The care can be done either with the vacuum cleaner or with soapy water. Do not rub the stains, but dab them off. Professional basic cleaning with shampooing can also be carried out.


Mulesing is the removal of the skin around the tails of sheep without pain relief. It is a common procedure to prevent infestation with fly maggots (myiasis). Our sheep's wool is definitely mulesing-free.

The data at a glance:

  • Pole material: 100% virgin wool
  • Base fabric: Polypropylene
  • Total height: around 10.5 mm
  • Total weight: 2500 g/sqm
  • Backing: environmentally-friendly strengthening primer
  • Fire properties: B1/Q1 - difficult to ignite
  • Durability: extreme
  • Suitable for castors

Depending on the size of the room and the area of application, lay it loosely, glue it over the entire surface or stretch it. With MELLANA 1400, the panel joints can be made selvage to selvage, whereby a barely visible seam is achieved by working the selvages exactly together. However, it is also possible to trim the selvages. In this case, the single cut would have to be made between two pile threads running in the same direction, i.e. within the double tuft, resulting in a practically invisible seam.

Care and cleaning
Provide preventive textile dirt trap mats against dirt from outside and against care products from hard coverings in adjacent rooms. Vacuum regularly with a smooth nozzle. Ensure the correct room climate (humidity). Stains: the fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove. Depending on the type of stain, choose commercially available stain removers suitable for wool, biologically active warm detergent solutions, etc. Treat stains from the outside with a white cloth. Don't rub, just dab. Basic cleaning only in case of heavy basic soiling by professional extraction or shampooing. The carpet may only be walked on with street shoes once it has completely dried.
Please note that sisal carpets must not get wet. We offer you a special shampoo with which you can gently brush off dirt.

The sisal fiber is obtained from the sisal agave and is naturally a strong, durable fibre. Best quality, high quality, long sisal fibers from the sisal agave are grown in Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania. The entire further processing of the real natural fiber carpets, such as dyeing, spinning, weaving etc. takes place in an environmentally friendly way exclusively in Austria.

The carpet is manufactured in Austria under the strictest quality criteria and has been awarded the Öko Tex 100 certificate.

care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!


Mellau Teppich

Sisal carpets have been produced in Mellau in Vorarlberg for more than 80 years. The farm is a complete farm. This means that all the work steps of spinning, weaving, dyeing and packaging are done at the location in Vorarlberg.

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care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!

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