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Hefel Cashmere Wool winter quilt

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Hefel Cashmere Wool winter quilt

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Hefel Textil GmbH

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HEFEL CASHMERE WOOL, the dream team for magical winter nights.

HEFEL Himalayan cashmere meets pure new wool. A touch of luxury surrounds this exclusive combination, expressively emphasized by the -silky sheen of the cotton premium satin. Delightfully warm, super cosy and actively breathable: Cashmere Wool makes frosty winter nights worthwhile.
  • Combination of HEFEL Himalayan cashmere and pure new wool
  • Revitalizing properties of pure new wool
  • Elegant cotton premium satin fabric for excellent moisture dispersion
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton Premium Satin
  • Filling: 50%/50% HEFEL Cashmere/Pure New Wool
  • Care: air regulary, do not wash!
Filling Weight of Cashmere Wool winter quilt:
140x200 cm and 135x200 cm - 1490 g
140x200 cm and 155x200 cm - 1640 g
155x220 cm - 1820 g
The general filling weight is 535 g/sqm.

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