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Hefel Wellness Vitasan Allergic - Sleep well despite allergies!

The nocturnal active protection for allergy sufferers

The specially developed 4-hole Vitasan® hollow fiber in Wellness Allergic duvets effectively protects against any kind of allergens. The active ingredient incorporated directly into the fiber not only actively prevents the implantation of house dust mites, bacteria and fungi. It also removes the habitat of existing microorganisms by disrupting their food chain.


Information about BodyFit Quilting

HEFEL BodyFit quilts are body-focused quilts that give HEFEL duvets an incomparable softness and warmth. The duvets fall particularly gently along the quilted seams and form a cozy sheath around the body.
HEFEL BodyFit stitching prevents larger cavities between the body and the ceiling that heat up poorly. On the outside, they provide a heat-tight closure of the sleeping area, which prevents the penetration of cool air.

  • permanent protection against house dust mites & Co
  • 60 degrees washable and suitable for drying
  • Fabric is made of 100% cotton satin
  • Bodyfit stitching – adapts to the body
  • lightweight and breathable blanket


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