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Hefel Softbausch 95 - extremely durable and boiling-resistant!

Fluffy Duvet for the highest Hygiene Standards

Softbausch Hospital beds are extremely durable and dimensionally stable – even after numerous 95°C cooking linen. Their almost unbelievable longevity makes them the most popular duvets for care facilities as well as for those who appreciate maximum comfort and uncomplicated care.


pleasant Warmth and invigorating Freshness

Heat is stored in the air chambers of the bed filling. Their excellent building strength, the high-quality filling materials and the specially developed quilting patterns give HEFEL duvets an excellent heat retention capacity. In the finely ruffled filling fiber layers there are particularly many air chambers, which are heated by the body and create a comfortable feel-good atmosphere. The high breathability of the HEFEL duvets also ensures that the air can circulate freely. This ensures vitalising freshness without loss of heat.


  • Perfectly suited for sensitive care areas
  • ensures an optimal sleeping climate at night
  • even after years still bulky and loose
  • clinically pure sleeping environment – also allergy sufferers
  • Fabric and filling boiling-resistant at 95 °C


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