Hefel Pure Camel
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Manuela Daninger

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Hefel Pure Camel - finest camel down for sleeping pleasure

100% cuddly soft camel fur for natural temperature compensation

Camels live in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations of up to 60°C between day and night. Your hair dress has a highly effective temperature-balancing function. It has the characteristics of a “natural air conditioner”, which on the one hand warms, but also protects against heat thanks to its maximum breathability.
This effect is supported in Pure Camel by the 100% TENCEL® fabric, which removes moisture from the body particularly quickly. For Pure Camel only the heavenly soft down of Mongolian camels is used.

  • Optimized temperature compensation thanks to TENCEL® Stainless Steel
  • Very high breathability and excellent moisture transport
  • All-season and winter blanket with two filling layers each for special softness

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