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Best sleeping climate for everyone, even if you are sweating hard.

The HEFEL KlimaControl Comfort bedspread ensures an ideal sleeping climate. Even with heavy sweating, the duvet always feels pleasantly dry. This is achieved by the perfect combination of 100% TENCEL in filling and fabric. The exceptional microstructure of TENCEL transports more moisture and water vapor from the body than any other fiber.
Thanks to the additional BodyFit quilting, the duvet adapts to your body like a second skin and you sleep very cuddly and relaxing even in fluctuating room temperatures.


Information about BodyFit Quilting

HEFEL BodyFit quilts are body-focused quilts that give HEFEL duvets an incomparable softness and warmth. The duvets fall particularly gently along the quilted seams and form a cozy sheath around the body.
HEFEL BodyFit stitching prevents larger cavities between the body and the ceiling that heat up poorly. On the outside, they provide a heat-tight closure of the sleeping area, which prevents the penetration of cool air.

  • perfect climate function – maximum comfort even when sweating hard
  • 100% natural fibre made of pure wood cellulose in core & shell
  • absorbs more water vapor than any other fiber
  • Dermathologically tested, ideal for sensitive skin
  • triple award-winning


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