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Hefel Cool Underbeddings and Pillows

No more sweating

Cool bedding will cool your body even on the hottest nights. A cooling fleece with PCM microcapsules is incorporated into the underbed and the cushions on the upper side. It prevents sweaty nights. And when it gets cooler again, you can easily turn the underbed and pillow – the cool fleece is then located on the underside, without cooling function.

Thanks to the practical reversibility, underbed and pillows can be used all year round.


These two have undoubtedly proved their worth: The Hefel Travel Cushion and the Hefel Cool Underbed are adapted to the increasingly mobile everyday life and all the hot phases at home and around the globe.

  • cooling effect due to integrated PCM capsules
  • optimal sleeping climate
  • filled with 100% Tencel
  • moisture and temperature regulating

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