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Table linen Linden Blossom

Übelhör, the traditional company in Vorarlberg, Austria, has always guaranteed quality and durability. With the table linen “linden blossom”, Vorarlberg folklore embroidery with lace, you bring tradition and quality into your home.

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Table linen linden blossom

The linden blossom was already known as a remedy in the Middle Ages and is still used with great success today. It is one of the most well-known household remedies! But also in our Vorarlberg folklore embroidery with lace tips, the linden blossom makes a good figure.

The table linen has a different amount of linen depending on the color. In the colors blue, yellow, green, and light brown, the table linen is 50% cotton and 50% linen. In the colours rust, wine red and light blue, the table linen consists predominantly of fine linen 90% and 10% of cotton.


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