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Sisal carpets sold by the meter

Oversized sisal carpets up to 4m width possible. Spun, dyed, and made in Austria – Ökotex certified, free sample shipping, high durability. We can offer you sisal carpets, which are especially suitable for widths up to 4m. The carpets are available in different qualities and are all finished with a high-quality border.

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Goods for laying out or as sisal treads – naturalness to feel good

All sisal carpets that we are happy to make to measure for you are also available by the meter. These are suitable for installation in rooms or as treads on stairs or in the hallway. The carpets are very stable due to the natural weaving edge and can also be framed on the front sides.


  • an inexpensive variant, because the natural weaving edge does not require edging
  • available in 5 widths, 2 designs also 4m wide
  • are perfect for laying large areas
  • Narrow pages can be bordered
  • fast delivery directly from the manufacturer


Installation instructions for sisal carpets:

The carpet to be laid must acclimatize to the room in question for at least 24 hours – cut in strips and rolled out. Depending on the lane length, an addition of at least 5-15 cm must be considered. Incisions and precise fit are to be made only after acclimatization. Move carpet strips as far as possible towards the main light source.

As a matter of principle, sisal carpets should be glued over the entire surface, whereby we recommend the use of low-water synthetic resin dispersion adhesives.
The covering should be rubbed well after insertion into the adhesive bed, especially at the seams and web ends. The weaving edges should not be cut, as cut edges may fray or be damaged by increased stress.
Wall joints should be covered with skirting boards. For thresholds or other transitions, covers or profiles should be used to prevent fraying of the interfaces.


In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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