Cloth diapers white package 4 pcs
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Cloth diapers white package 4 pcs









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When we have a baby, cloth diapers cannot be dispensed with.

Even if you don't use it for diaper changes, you still need it for burping, as a pad, just for cuddling, and as a security blanket.

These cloth diapers are made of high quality pure cotton using a classic weaving technique and can be baked at 95°.

The more often they are washed, the softer and more absorbent these towels become.

Despite daily use, our diapers retain their shape thanks to the high processing quality.

Diapers are available in packs of 4.

Muslin diapers made of high quality cotton, cotton content 180g/m2
High quality workmanship - 2 densely woven and stitched edges
Material: 100% cotton
Double layer fabric
Dimensions 70 x 70 cm

Our diapers can be sterilized by boiling at 95°C and are suitable for allergy sufferers

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by Textilshop

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