Coconut Brush Mat Melplast colored 65x80 cm
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Coconut Brush Mat Melplast colored 65x80 cm









Product details

The coconut brush mat Melplast is, as the name suggests, made of coconut and coated with PVC on the underside. The mat is the ideal doormat for the entrance area and has a very natural look.

In the color natural, the velor mat is available in heights of 16 mm (6200 g/sqm), 20 mm (7000 g/sqm), and 24 mm (8000 g/sqm). You can purchase the mat with a height of 16 mm in the colors red, gray, and black.

Carpet properties

Coconut fiber is a hollow fiber, which means it can absorb moisture and release it again. The higher the fibers of the carpet, the more absorbent and self-cleaning it is.
Coconut carpets are also ideal for allergy sufferers. Its fabric binds the dust by allowing it to remain on the surface of the natural fiber carpet and not be whirled up so easily.
We manufacture the coconut mat in any size for you. The meter goods width is 200 cm wide. Your desired size will be cut out of this width.


care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!


Mellau Teppich

Sisal carpets have been produced in Mellau in Vorarlberg for more than 80 years. The farm is a complete farm. This means that all the work steps of spinning, weaving, dyeing and packaging are done at the location in Vorarlberg.

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care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!

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