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Product details

The warp of the Mellcombi carpet consists of 50% sisal and 50% new wool, and the weft is 100% sisal. This special weave gives the carpet its incomparable look. The back of the carpet is coated with latex. The carpet is difficult to ignite and is ideal for all areas of use, such as in the workplace.
The height of the carpet is around 5.5 mm and the basis weight is around 1900 g/sqm.
For carpets that are longer than 3 m, we only recommend linking, as border edging can lead to ripples. 

Technical Specifikation

  • Total weight: 1900 g / sqm, Overall height: 5.5 mm
  • pollutant after expenditure 100 standard
  • Entzündbarkeitsverhalten: difficult to ignite
  • suitability: work, permanently active anti-static, suitable for stairs in the living area
  • suitable for rooms with underfloor heating
  • back: non-slip latex coating


Daily or regular cleaning with a powerful dust or brush vacuum cleaner.
Spot removal:
The faster a stain is removed, the better! Soak up the coarsest dirt with an absorbent, white (or undyed) cloth. Liftoff solids with the back of a knife or spoon.
Spray a special shampoo suitable for natural fibers onto the bristles of a natural fiber brush or onto a cloth and gently rub the stain on the carpet.
IMPORTANT: Do not moisten the area or area to be cleaned, as there is a risk of shrinkage and the risk of watermarks forming if it gets very wet.

Basic cleaning

Depending on the degree of Veschmutzung is periodically a basic cleaning is required, by which removal of the fatty dirt is reached. The basic cleaning should be done with a special shampoo.
After cleaning, make sure that the carpet is thoroughly sucked, so that the foam and bonded therein dirt is removed without residue. A spray extraction should not be carried out because the cleaning fluid is sucked out of the carpet only insufficient due to the coarse texture and stronger wetting can lead to shrinkage of the natural fiber carpet or wave formation.

Installation instructions for Mellcombi carpets

The carpet needs to be laid up - cut and rolled into sheets - acclimate for at least 24 hours in the relevant space. Depending on track length, it should be an addition of at least 5-15 cm. Incisions and accurate fitment are to be made only after acclimatization. The carpet should be routed towards the main light source.
Natural fiber rugs should always be verklempt whole area, where we recommend the use of low-water resin dispersion adhesive. The covering should be well rubbed after inserting into the adhesive bed, especially at the seams and track ends. The selvage should not be cut, since pruned edges can be damaged by increased stress or fray. Complaints, which are due to trimming the selvage, therefore can not be accepted. Wall impetus should be covered with skirting. In sleepers or other transitions, covers or profiles should be used to prevent fraying of the interfaces.

The sisal fiber is obtained from the sisal agave and is naturally a strong, durable fiber. Best quality, high quality, long sisal fibers from the sisal agave are grown in Madagascar, Kenya, and Tanzania. The entire further processing of the real natural fiber carpets, such as dyeing, spinning, weaving, etc. takes place in an environmentally friendly way exclusively in Austria.

The carpet is manufactured in Austria under the strictest quality criteria and has been awarded the Öko Tex 100 certificate.

care tips:

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Mellau Teppich

Sisal carpets have been produced in Mellau in Vorarlberg for more than 80 years. The farm is a complete farm. This means that all the work steps of spinning, weaving, dyeing and packaging are done at the location in Vorarlberg.

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care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!

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