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Baby birth towel









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Midwives recommend wrapping the newborn in a red cloth immediately after birth, as these babies are significantly calmer and have more relaxed and even breathing.

This is because the child's environment was uniformly temperate and dimly lit with reddish light for 40 weeks. The red birth sling is very helpful for a gentle transition from the womb into the big world.

Our birth wrap has an extremely fluffy, soft and velvety feel. The size is 50x100 cm,


Their elegant and natural shine makes them an absolute eye-catcher.

The bamboo hollow fiber allows large amounts of moisture to be stored without the cloth feeling wet. This property makes our Bambou line up to 4x more absorbent than conventional cotton qualities.

-high-quality, heavy terry cloth quality 500g/m²

-50% cotton, 50% bamboo viscose

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Wirtex GmbH

Oldest terry weaving mill in Austria. Our wide range of products offers a wide range of terry goods such as towels, shower towels, bath towels and bathrobes as well as smooth dish towels and much more.

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