Opulence Down 3-Kammer Kissen Medium
regionale Textilien quality from Austria
Manuela Daninger

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Opulence Down 3-Kammer Kissen Medium









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Fabric: 100% Tencel cashmere dust batiste with anti-aging treatment

Outer filling: 100% new pure white Masurian goose down, grade 1

Core filling: new pure white Masurian goose down (85%) and down (15%) grade 1




All HEFEL feather pillows are certified by the NOMITE brand and are therefore proven suitable for people allergic to house dust. The ratio of climate and warmth of clean dust pillows, which is so optimal for humans, is unfavorable for mites.



The entire range of HEFEL down has RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification. The certificate guarantees that feathers and down come from ducks and geese that are raised in a species-appropriate and healthy way. This means that the animals were allowed to live happy lives without pain, fear and stress. The standard covers the entire supply chain – from the farmer or poultry farm to the finished product – so full traceability is guaranteed. The priority is the well-being of the animals - i.e. the best conditions for breeding and feeding (no forced feeding!) and live plucking of animals is also prohibited.


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HEFEL Textil is one of the most successful and innovative producers of bedding in Europe and a market leader for natural bedding products. Established in 1907, HEFEL remains a family firm and is proud of its successful track record that goes back more than 100 years. HEFEL is well known for its unique innovations and first-class products of the highest quality. All HEFEL products are 100% Made in Austria and impress with their luxurious fabrics and special fillings based on natural raw materials.

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