Alpaca Merino Wool Blanket Alina 150x190 cm
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Alpaca Merino Wool Blanket Alina 150x190 cm









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The Alina blanket in the size 150x190 cm offers colorful accents for your home. It is woven from 50% alpaca wool and 50% merino wool and is available in many cheerful, cheeky colors. The wool meets the highest quality standards. The fine merino wool comes from merino sheep in New Zealand, and the airy alpaca wool from llamas in South America.

The blankets provide cozy warmth and are still very light because the alpaca hair is hollow on the inside. Due to the trapped air in the hair, the blanket also regulates the temperature. The merino wool not only keeps you wonderfully warm but is also airy, soft, and light.

We are pleased to offer you the Alpaca-merino wool blanket Alina is also custom-made, in every size you want.

About Steiner 1888:
Since 1888, Steiner weaves high-quality wool products. From spinning, weaving, and fulling to the finishing of the fabrics, all steps take place in the weaving mill in Austria. Steiner stands for the highest quality from 100% natural materials. The resistant mountain sheep wool is supplied by native farmers, the fine merino wool from New Zealand, the airy alpaca wool from South America, and the precious cashmere of goats from the high mountain regions of the Himalayas.

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Steiner GmbH & Co KG

Convince yourself of the highest quality wool products from the traditional family business Steiner 1888. Steiner weaves classic products from the wool of native mountain sheep, merino sheep from New Zealand, alpacas from South America and cashmere from goat from the Himalayan high mountains.

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