Towel Ma Belle 50x100 cm with/without embroidery
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Towel Ma Belle 50x100 cm with/without embroidery









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A cheap alternative to the Premium towel is the Ma Belle towel. The Ma Belle towel is also made from 100% cotton terry and is available in a wide range of colors. It is a one-color towel with a beautiful edge. The basis weight is 400 g / m2 (the Premium cloth is slightly heavier with a weight of 500 g / m2). We also offer a bath towel and towel for guests from the Ma Belle series.

Framsohn likes to embroider your name on every terry towel. To do this, place the desired cloth in the shopping cart and select the embroidery here.

On request, we can offer you a towel in the size of 60x110 cm.

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About Framsohn Frottier:

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All Framsohn Frottier products are manufactured under one roof. The entire manufacturing process has always taken place in Heidenreichstein, Waldviertel. An absolute plus of the Heidenreichstein location is the high water quality. This allows a natural production process since fewer or no chemicals have to be added during water treatment. You can experience this in the silky-soft feel of the towels and the pleasant, natural feeling on the skin.
Thanks to many years of experience and research, Framsohn terry is able to filter the water from our own spring without using chemicals, to treat it, and, after dyeing, to return it to the natural cycle in a cleaned form.

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Framsohn Frottier GmbH

The traditional company Framsohn Frottier has been producing high-quality terry goods in Heidenreichstein since 1908. Framsohn is the only commercial manufacturer of terry products in Austria, along with 2 other companies in the immediate vicinity.

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