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Pear Wood Carpet









Product details

A typical Austrian wood is a wood from the "pear tree". Pear wood is a very hard wood with a beautiful natural tone. The slats of this carpet are slightly wider so that the carpet is even more elegant and shapely.

Holzteppich Birnbaum Detail

Model variants

Smooth or relax surface

With the Relax surface, the individual wooden elements are specially milled so that they are comfortable to walk barefoot and also massage the soles of the feet.

Open or closed version

In the open version, the wooden elements are made with a space between them. This has the advantage that, for example, water in the bathroom can drain off better. In the closed version, the wooden elements are lined up close together.

Möglichkeiten beim Holzteppich

On the left is a closed wooden carpet with a smooth surface, on the right is an open wooden carpet.

Here you can see the surface of the Relax version:

Oberfläche zum Holzteppich Relax

The width of the slats is around 3 cm and the wooden carpets are around 8 to 9 mm high.

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Holzteppich Günter Daxberger

Günter Daxberger manufactures wooden carpets according to your wishes. In every size and shape. Choose from local types of wood.

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care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!

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