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Meter goods Entrada 200cm









Product details

The mat Entrada is suitable for the outdoor area and the outer entrance area and therefore also UV-resistant.

Large-area installation is also possible, for this purpose the substrate should be solid and have a slope or be able to seep.

The mat can be loosely laid (and then stitched) or glued punctually. It is important to note that the tracks run in the direction of the water runoff.

The mat is about 12 mm thick and weighs about 2.6 kg/m2, is flame retardant, and is low-smoking (Cfl-s1 Classified). The multi-layered synthetic base fabric is pigment-dyed.

Please note that the water drain must be guaranteed and that the installed mat does not offer an attack surface for wind!

Fields of application
The dirt mat is ideally suited for entrance areas, stairwells, elevator zones, hotels, restaurants, department stores, schools, banks, and public authorities, i. e. wherever there is a high frequency of public.
The mat absorbs up to 90% of the road dirt and up to 5l of moisture/sqm.

To maintain the effect of the dirt mat, the dirt in it should be removed regularly.

Daily cleaning
For daily cleaning, it is recommended to use a powerful brush vacuum cleaner. The suction opening of the vacuum cleaner consists of one or better two rotating brushes. Through the brush, the pile is erected during suction and the dirt is sucked out.

Periodic basic cleaning
If the dirt mat is saturated with dirt, cleaning should be carried out using the spray extraction method. Water (possibly with a mixture of cleaning agents) is injected under high pressure into the pile of the dirt mat. In the end, the carpet must be rinsed with clear water to remove the last residue of the detergent. Although basic cleaning is often done, the carpet is not damaged or damaged.
After this treatment, you should let the carpet dry. The effectiveness of a dry mat is greater than that of a wet mat.

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Mellau Teppich

Sisal carpets have been produced in Mellau in Vorarlberg for more than 80 years. The farm is a complete farm. This means that all the work steps of spinning, weaving, dyeing and packaging are done at the location in Vorarlberg.

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