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Mellon carpet Made to measure









Product details

The woven carpet Mellon consists of 100% PP brand fiber, is hard-wearing, very insensitive to water, and has high dimensional stability. The carpet is equipped with a non-slip latex backing. Due to its great properties, it can be used in a variety of ways throughout the house. Whether as a custom-made carpet, fully glued carpet as a carpet, as a tread, or as a stair mat. Choose from the beautiful colors and combine the carpet with a matching border. Mellon means quality down to the last detail.

Technical data: height: 5 mm, the surface weight of around 2400 g/sqm, fire safety class: T-a, Ökotex 100 certified

Cleaning the Mellon carpet is very easy! Regular cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner. Stains can usually be easily removed with a damp cloth or sponge. The fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove. Mellon is insensitive to moisture and can therefore be wiped clean with a damp cloth, using warm water with a little detergent added. However, the carpet should only be walked on with street shoes after it has completely dried. In the case of large-scale soiling, thorough cleaning by spray extraction is recommended. For heavy soiling, we recommend a special shampoo.

Important note:

When linking carpets that are longer than 4 m, we recommend fixing them to the floor using double-sided adhesive tape, otherwise, the carpet can become wavy. Alternatively, there is the option of only linking the carpet along the cut edges.


Following degrees are available for Mellon:
Bound off:

Synthetic border:

Leatherette border:

We recommend these three finishes, of course, it is also possible to choose a different material for your border, please contact us. 

care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!


Mellau Teppich

Sisal carpets have been produced in Mellau in Vorarlberg for more than 80 years. The farm is a complete farm. This means that all the work steps of spinning, weaving, dyeing and packaging are done at the location in Vorarlberg.

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care tips:

There is no care tip from our supplier!

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