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Details about orders in Switzerland (FAQ)

For customers from Switzerland, we are happy to deliver on open invoice!

Deliveries to non-EU countries incur additional duties, taxes and charges. For more information on tariffs, see:
this link.
and especially for Switzerland under:
this link.

Procedure of an order to Switzerland:

Step 1: You will receive an invoice from us that no longer includes the Austrian VAT of 20% -> the invoice amount is therefore 20% cheaper. When choosing the country of delivery Switzerland, this is taken into account immediately when ordering and indicated correctly.

Step 2: You will be charged shipping costs, in which also the export customs duties are already included. This means the shipping costs are slightly higher, but customs clearance is included.

Step 3: Upon delivery of the goods you still have to pay the Swiss import tax in the amount of 8% of the goods value and depending on the product still approx. 3% of the value of the goods for customs clearance and the base price.

You order goods from the company Hefel for 200 euros. You will then be shown shipping costs in the amount of 19. 90 Euro. (total value: EUR 219. 90)
You will then receive an invoice from us in the amount of 186. 56 Euro, as the Austrian VAT does not apply.
Upon delivery of the parcel you have to pay the import tax of 8% of the value of the goods (=14. 93 Euro) and the import clearance of approx. 18,70 CHF (3% of the total + 12 CHF base price for customs clearance).
This means that you have paid a total of 217. 0 euros. This corresponds to actual shipping costs for you of approx. 17 Euro.

Alternatively, we can send the products to a delivery address in Germany or Austria and you can import the goods yourself. If you send us a stamped VAT invoice in the original we will gladly refund the VAT.

Further details at: https://www.bazg.admin.ch/bazg/en/home/information-individuals.html

Important information for payments from Switzerland:
Please always pay the invoice in Euro and not in Swiss Francs! This is usually a separate menu item in Online Banking. Furthermore we ask you to use IBAN and BIC code for the transfer and the option >shared expenses<. Otherwise we will be charged fees in the amount of 10% of the amount!



In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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