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Carpet purchase - Quality from Austria!

Quality from one's own homeland is always something very special and, above all, something very worthy of support. Textilshop. at faces up to this responsibility. In the course of the production of carpets, many production factors determined the respective end result and the quality characteristics of the respective products. It is not uncommon for products to be manufactured in several countries and still have the Made in Germany manufacturing label affixed to them. Textilshop. at therefore makes sure that what is written on it is actually in it. As a company that thinks sustainably and acts ecologically, Textilshop. at also has very long-term and, above all, sustainable business relationships with domestic producers. With this in mind, one should also pay close attention to where the actual products ultimately come from when buying custom sisal rugs. At Textilshop. at the carpet purchase is an absolute matter of trust. Texstilshop. at focuses on domestic quality, especially for sisal carpets.

As a down-to-earth and value-oriented company, Textilshop. at is a quality provider whose heart clearly beats for domestic products of the highest quality. This consistent philosophy can also be felt when browsing through the rich offer of Textilshop. at. One immediately notices that the company also relies on the regional value-added principle, among other things, so that you receive a solution whose value-added chain has not been relocated abroad, entirely in the spirit of rationality. Sisal carpets "Made in Austria" are therefore not only a living component of an extensive assortment at Textilshop. at, but also a clear sign that domestic quality is a central component in the extensive assortment policy of textilshop. at.

The production of sisal carpets has a long tradition in Austria. The complete manufacturing process with weaving, dyeing, spinning and finishing takes place in Austria and guarantees that your sisal carpet, whose sisal yarn is gently processed, will give you many years of pleasure. All carpets have been awarded the Ökotex 100 certificate, which ensures the highest quality. All in all, with the sisal carpets from Austria you are relying on outstanding products which also have a high international reputation.


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