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care tips for sisal carpets

Since we always receive many requests for cleaning and care of sisal carpets, we would like to briefly list the most important tips on this page:

Tip 1: Sisal carpets – care recommendation!

It is best to vacuum the sisal carpet regularly with a powerful vacuum cleaner or brush vacuum cleaner.
Do not use water for cleaning! The natural fibre must not be soaked, as the carpet can change its dimensions or colour. In addition, there may be waves or water spots.

Tip 2: Sisal carpets – remove stains correctly!

The treatment varies depending on the type of stain. In principle, the following applies:

  • the fresher the stain, the easier the removal

  • absorb the coarsest dirt with an absorbent, white or uncoloured cloth

  • Remove solid components with knife backs or spoons


You can treat dirt stains with carpet cleaner. For light stains we recommend the Jeikner special shampoo. Stubborn stains can be treated with the Jeikner Cleaning Kit. This removes almost all stains. However, there are stains that cause discoloration of the carpet fibre, these stains can only be treated with bleach, but this causes bright spots in the carpet (see tip 3).


Tip 3: Sisal carpets – discoloration

If the carpet has lighter patches, you can try to repaint them with a tea of similar colour to the carpet (e. g. peppermint tea or black tea). Try it on a small spot and only when you are satisfied with the result, apply it on a larger area!


Tip 4: Sisal carpets – wave formation

If your sisal carpet is rippling, which is most likely to happen with runners, you can spray the carpet with hot, best distilled water and strip the wave. It may be necessary to weigh the area until it dries out.


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