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Frequently Asked Questions - Tablecloths

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The “no stain” table linen is equipped with a coating that does not allow liquid to penetrate the fabric.

Cotton, half-linen, linen, mixed fabrics (75% polyester and 25% cotton)

It can be assumed that it should overhang 15-20 cm on each side. In this case 130x160 cm.

To protect the table, it makes sense to place a tablecloth under it.

As big as the table top.

Yes, we are also happy to make custom-made round tablecloths.

Normal hem, envelope with 4 cm bridle, hemstitch (only possible with some models)

This is a high-low weave that emphasizes particularly beautiful patterns, and the table linen can be turned.

Tablecloths to measure

All tablecloths are manufactured exclusively in Austria and are subject to strict quality controls.

The tablecloths are also very durable and are ideally suited for long-term use (including gastronomy). Ease of care and boil-proof (of the cotton tablecloths) are also among the advantages of our tablecloths.

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In our showroom you can view a lot of products from the online shop and we will be happy to advise you about our products.

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