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Frequently Asked Questions - Bedding

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In this case, the 4-season quilt is recommended. With this blanket, the summer and all-season blankets are held together with buttons so that they can also be separated in summer.

The KlimaControl Comfort blanket is made of Tencel on the outside and the KimaControl Fair blanket is made of cotton. Cotton slips less than Tencel and that's the difference.

The Softbausch 95 is washable at 95 degrees, the Softbausch Home at 60 degrees. In addition, the Wellness Vitasan Allergic Blanket is washable at 60 degrees. The rest of the blankets can be recommended at 30 or 40 degrees.

You should certainly not wash the quilt more than once a year, because each wash has a noticeable effect on the quality of the quilt.

Yes, the Hefel Silkdream blanket is a washable silk blanket. You can wash the summer blanket at 40 degrees.

Yes, there are. These include the Hefel Wool, the Pure Wool, the organic hemp, the organic pine, the wellness pine and the Outlast and Maize pillows. However, these pillows are among the compact pillows.

Everyone needs individual neck support and should therefore buy the pillow that best suits their neck. The latest neck support pillow is the "Hefel My Neck Pillow".

The quality of the outer fabric and the inner filling is a major difference in many down pillows. The higher the quality of the fabric or filling, the higher the price.

No, there are also super light down summer duvets that are also filled with Tencel and are therefore not so warm

Since you should never lie directly on the mattress, it is necessary to use an underblanket, as it absorbs body fluids and prevents them from ending up on the mattress.

Sleep is our source of energy. When we sleep, our body switches to rest and diet Body temperature and blood pressure drop. Breathing becomes calmer and the muscles should relax. The energy reserves are replenished and the immune system is strengthened. For a good night's sleep we need a good mattress with a slatted frame and a good pillow very important.

The first thing you should ask yourself is what position you sleep in most often. There are special pillows for stomach sleepers that are very flat. For side sleepers, the selection is a lot more diverse.

If you have neck problems, you should use a pillow with support, but there are many models that do come into question. For example, there is a pillow for side sleepers with cut-outs called My Neck Pillow and it is from the Hefel company. This pillow has been specially developed for these problems by doctors and physiotherapists.

If you sleep on your side, it is very important that the pillow is not too soft, otherwise your head will sink down or the neck is hyperextended. Best would be pillows with a foam or natural latex core. Very soft down pillows are not suitable for this.

The healthiest position when sleeping is on the back or side, as this is where the neck is can relax.

If you wake up in the morning with a tense neck, this is usually the sleeping position or the pillow to blame. Because the muscles and tendons in the neck can tighten both in the prone and in the side position become tense and overstretched and then harden. This leads to pain in the neck.

People who are looking for a pillow against migraines usually go for neck pillows with a memory Foam (a special foam) well advised. This is available in our shop and is called the Memory M pillow or the Visco Classic pillow is made with this foam.

Stomach sleepers or back sleepers can also sleep without a pillow. Side sleepers definitely need support in the shoulder area, otherwise the Spine has a "kink" in the sleeping position and this leads to tension in the neck.

Mixed sleepers are sleepers who repeatedly fall into different positions during sleep switch. The pillow with visco-elastic foam or natural latex pillow has proven itself here.

A down pillow cannot be compared to any other pillow, it is voluminous, fluffy and light. The down pillow has the largest proportion of down, but also needs some for support Feathers. An alternative is a Softbausch pillow with a zip, the filling is made of 100% PES Fiber balls that are also easy to wash.

Bedding – Simply sleep well!

We are proud to have the bedding program of the company Hefel from Vorarlberg in the program and to be able to offer you the new innovation of unique nursing snails by Barbara Österreicher.

The bedding is produced entirely in Austria and ensures a pleasant sleep. Here you will find duvets, underbeds and pillows tailored to your individual needs. We are happy to make all bedding for you – just contact us.

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