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apron Zwilch "Mit Liebe gekocht"

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apron Zwilch "Mit Liebe gekocht" - redred vergrößern
apron Zwilch "Mit Liebe gekocht" - blueblue vergrößern
apron Zwilch "Mit Liebe gekocht" - light bluelight blue vergrößern
apron Zwilch "Mit Liebe gekocht" - dark-greendark-green vergrößern

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apron Zwilch "Mit Liebe gekocht"

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light blue

Weberei Kitzmüller Erich e.U.

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   total amount: 36.00 EUR
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Previously, the typical working towels of the Mühlviertler farmers were made of denim, a particularly robust and highly absorbent fabric made from 100% cotton. Often the peasants wove this fabric even themself! The Mühlviertler weaving "Kitzmüller" has a long tradition, it was built in 1928 as hand weaving, the family produces textiles based on pure natural fibers until today.

Machine washable with 95°C!

Denim tablecloth detail
Denim is a tight and hard-wearing textile which is traditional produced in the beautiful "Mühlviertel" in Austria. The pattern is typical for this textile and it is produced since hundert of years on traditional hand looms.
Zwilch hand loom detail