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HEFEL Pure Wool all year quilt

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HEFEL Pure Wool all year quilt

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Hefel Textil GmbH

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100% soft and snug pure new wool for natural warmth. The exclusive quality of HEFEL pure new wool makes Pure Wool quilts comfortably warm and gives them exceptional breathing ability. This guarantees a pleasant dry sleeping climate and refreshing rest. A special refining process ensures that the quilts can be washed at 40°C, which is unique for natural hair fillings.

The pure new wool used for Pure Wool is obtained only from French free-range sheep living in the French/Spanish border region of the Pyrenees. This unique species has been specially bred to provide the wool for the manufacture of quilts and combines the finest quality with the strong curled wool of the cross-bred sheep. Only the fineness of wool shorn from the shoulders, necks and throats of the sheep meets the quality standard demanded by HEFEL.
  • 100% HEFEL pure new wool
  • Particularly warm and actively breathable
  • 40°C washable thanks to a special refining process
Filling weight of Pure Wool all year quilt:
140x200 cm and 135x200 cm - 1200 g
140x220 cm and 155x200 cm - 1320 g
160x220 cm - 1510 g
The general filling weight is 430 g/sqm.

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