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HEFEL Pure Camel all year quilt

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HEFEL Pure Camel all year quilt - champagnechampagne vergrößern

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HEFEL Pure Camel all year quilt

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HEFEL PURE CAMEL, 100% soft and cosy camel underhair for natural temperature regulation. HEFEL camels live in climatic areas in which temperatures can fluctuate by up to 60°C between day and night. Their hair is perfectly adapted to these conditions and has a highly effective temperature regulating function. It behaves like a "natural air conditioning system", on the one hand providing excellent warmth and on the other protection from the heat, thanks to its maximized "active breathing" qualities.

This function of the Pure Camel quilt is supported by the 100% HEFEL TENCEL® shell fabric which removes moisture from the body particularly quickly. Pure Camel makes exclusive use of the incredibly soft underhair of young East African camels. Every year in the springtime the camels shed a particularly fine and curly wool. These clumps of hair from animals living in the wild are gathered by hand and carefully washed.
  • Optimum temperature regulation due to HEFEL TENCEL® premium satin
  • Very actively breathable and excellent moisture dispersion
Filling Weight of the Pure Camel all year quilt:
140x200 cm and 135x200 cm - 1000 g
140x220 cm and 155x200 cm - 1100 g
155x220 cm - 1230 g
The general filling weight is 360 g/sqm.

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