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HEFEL Wellness Vitasan Allergic summer quilt

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HEFEL Wellness Vitasan Allergic summer quilt

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Hefel Textil GmbH

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Active nighttime protection for allergy sufferers. The specially developed 4-hole Vitasan hollow fibre used in Wellness Vitasan quilts provides effective protection against every type of allergy. The fibres are impregnated with a substance that actively prevents the spread of house dust mites, bacteria and funguses. It also curtails the living space of existing microorganisms by disrupting their food supply.

Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief and sleep soundly. Due to their 4-hole form Vitasan hollow fibres are exceptionally- light and actively breathable - and the filling can store a particularly large amount of warm air.

The most important facts:
  • fabric: 100 percent cotton satin
  • filling: 100 percent Vitasan-4-hole-PES-hollow fibre
  • Filling fibres are impregnated with the active ingredient which remains effective even after repeated washing
  • Hygienic and easy-care: 60 degrees washable, suitable for tumble driers
  • No quilt is lighter: Vitasan fibre with 4-hole technology provides heavenly volume
Filling weight of Hefel Wellness Vitasan Allergic summer quilt:
140x200 cm and 135x200 cm - 390 g
140x220 cm and 155x200 cm - 430 g
160x220 cm - 490 g
The general filling weight is 140 g/sqm.

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