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This product is available in these colors:

 - Farbe 35Farbe 35 vergrößern
 - Color 32Color 32 vergrößern
 - Color 33Color 33 vergrößern
 - Color 34Color 34 vergrößern
 - Color 36Color 36 vergrößern
 - Farbe 37Farbe 37 vergrößern

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Farbe 35

Weberei Hugo Jordan

delivery time: 3-4 weeks

breadth: cm.   length: cm.


with fringes
without fringes



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Order a handle sample for this color. Order.

In your order please write your desired sizes (breadth x length) and tell us if you would like to have fringes or not. Fringes are not included in the lenght.

Characteristics of the rug
Because the carpet is handmade, the size can be 3 cm bigger or smaller.
We can deliver our carpets with a breadth between 50 cm and 400 cm in every lenght without extra charge within 3 weeks. Also individual desires concerning the colour and the shape (round, oval, octagonal) can be taken into consideration.

special wishes
Rugs from Jordan are hand woven in Tirol and the wool is spun in-house. The sheep wool rug is produced in unique high-quality and therefore it is very robust and hard-wearing. Because of its high weight the rug lays very good on the floor. If you compare our products with products from other manufacturer, you will see the difference in quality. The rug is available with fringes or without. The fringes are not included in the length. If you order the rug without fringes, a small border in the same color like the rug will be sewed on.

The sheep wool rugs can easily be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. They should get turned around 3-4 times per year. Dirt smudges can be washed out with curd soap or detergent for wool. You also can clean the rug chemical if the rug is very dirty.
Crimped carpets have a solid and smooth surface and there are no fluffs. Crimping meaans to treat the caroet with water and warmth and so the carpet get a solid surface. So the Jordan Carpet is more resistant!