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Hefel satin bed linen

Tencel bed linen - Trend Collection

The bed linen made from TENCEL® fibre turns every night into a special night and a normal bedroom into a oasis of well-being. This bed linen activates your senses with its coolness, softness and a silky shine. Therefore, it provides exemplary comfortable sleep. Nobody would sleep anywhere else after having spent one night in a TENCEL® bed linen.

TENCEL® is obtrained from the raw material wood, of course in an environmentally friendly way and without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Consequently, your skin is covered by a pure natural product. The bed linen is naturally woven in Austria. Choose your preferred design and enjoy unique quality.

TENCEL® is easier to wash and to iron than normal cotton bed linen. The cloth remains colourful and shiny even after it has been washed many times.